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香港玩具廠商會成立於一九九六年,並註冊為非牟利團體,會員主要為香港玩具製造商,並於內地設有生產廠房。商會致力促進香港玩具業的發展, 以及維護香港玩具廠商之權益。


  • 維護香港玩具廠商之權益

  • 保護本港玩具製造業之社會形象

  • 代表本港玩具廠商與各海內外有關團體及政府部門溝通

  • 團結本港玩具廠商及加強相互之友好關係

  • 致力提高香港玩具製造業的技術及專業水平


Established in 1996, The Toys Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong is a non-profit making organization. Members are mainly Hong Kong toy manufacturers with factories in the mainland China and Hong Kong. TMHK dedicates itself to promote the development of Hong Kong toy industry, as well as to protect and promote the interests of Hong Kong toy manufacturers.


  • To promote and protect the interests of Hong Kong toy manufacturers.

  • To protect the reputation and public image of Hong Kong toy manufacturing industry.

  • To represent the Hong Kong toys manufacturers as an integrated body to liaise with toy association worldwide and governing bodies.

  • To promote and encourage unity and friendly relationship among toys manufacturers.

  • To enhance the manufacturing techniques and professionalism in the Hong Kong toy industry.

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